Band Forms

** DUE 8/28/2019... or no football game : (

Instructions for completing the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM ONLINE:

Any form can be completed on your device

and submitted ONLINE ahead of time!

Avoid filling these forms out on a laptop... it really works so much better on a device:

Head to the app store on your device and download

"Adobe Acrobat Reader"

version 19.06.02

Once it is downloaded, you can click any form down below.

Hit the menu button "••• " in the top right corner

Select "Open in"

Select "Copy to Acrobat"

This opens the form in the App.

Click the blue pencil button in the bottom right corner.

Select "Fill & Sign"

Click each line to type your information.

When you get to the SIGNATURE line...

  • Click the ink pen button above the keyboard

Select "Create Signature"

Sign parent name & click DONE

You can re-size signature to fit.

Be sure the ENTIRE form is complete with all signatures...

Click the green "SUBMIT" button to send to Mr. Schayot

This brings up your email.



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