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With 492 registered student organizations at Clemson, you are among an amazing group of student leaders exploring leadership, building belonging, and creating change at Clemson.  The resources in this library are for your use as you grow as a student organization leader, whether you have a formal position or you are a leader as a general body member.

We want to highlight what you've learned as student organization leaders to help future leaders at Clemson succeed!  Please email us if you have questions about a guide or want to collaborate at

Programs for orgs like yours

The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement (CSLE) has multiple programs that your organization can participate in with student orgs like yours!  From creating a strong base for new orgs to working together in a cohort with fellow student leaders to encourage equity in your student organization, learning alongside leaders and working with campus partners, we have many programs for you!


The picture above shows SKY at Clemson, an Org-Celeration Alumni Org, visiting the Experimental Forest!

Org-Celeration is a new student organization development program for a select cohort of new organizations each semester.  

The program is a cohort model, which allows student leaders to learn from and help each other grow through the transition to a registered student organization to create change on Clemson's campus.  The program is housed in the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement.  Organizations younger than 3 years can apply!

Certified Student Leader Program

Want to strengthen your leadership skills before applying for leadership roles in your student organization?


The Certified Student Leader Program (CSL) is a co-curricular certification program available to any Clemson student looking to explore their leadership ability, connect to campus on a deeper level, and transform their potential to impact the Clemson community. The program is designed to prepare students with basic level of proficiencies in leadership that can be applied to various student leadership opportunities.


Students will be in a cohort of their peers where they can learn and have meaningful discussions together around topics of leadership development. Cohort times will occur on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, depending on which one you select during registration.  

Leadership Engagement Grant-in-Aid

The Leadership Engagement Grant-in-Aid is a scholarship available for currently-enrolled undergraduate students.  

In 2019, members of Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) established a leadership engagement scholarship program, the Leadership Engagement Grant in Aid. This scholarship is available to full-time Clemson students who are engaged in leadership opportunities and have demonstrated financial need. 

This honor is given to individuals who exemplify Clemson University's core values of honesty, integrity, and respect through their leadership. 

This scholarship is possible due to the collaboration of CUSG, The Center for Student Leadership and Engagement, Financial Aid, and Athletics.  Email us for more information and look for information through your Clemson email inbox!

Meet the Team

The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement (CSLE) is here to work with you and your student organization achieve your goals.  Check out the guides in this library, email us your questions, or request a consultation for a tailored conversation to help success become a reality.

We are part of the Student Involvement Team in the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement at Clemson.  We believe that each Clemson student has the capacity to lead and to create change for a cause or organization they care about, and we want to work with you to reach your goals and share the lessons you've learned through your leadership.

Darby Tippit

Assistant Director for Student Org Development

I care about Clemson students and fostering an environment where they feel they belong.

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Consultant for Resource Development

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Consultant for Connection

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Consultant for Outreach

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Isabella Masters

Consultant for Resource Development

I care about helping students find their Clemson Family through clubs and organizations on campus!

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Orgs & Friends

Student Organizations & Outreach Committee

A committee under the Clemson Undergraduate Student Government's Executive Branch, the Student Organizations & Outreach Committee's purpose is to serve the students of Clemson University as a resource, striving to guide all students to excellence and while recognizing, celebrating, and supporting organizations all across campus.  The committee partners with CSLE for Fall and Spring Tiger Prowl, in addition to Involvement Week!

Student Funding Board

 The Student Funding Board is a Delegated Student Organization with authority granted from the Vice President of Student Affairs to distribute the Student Activity Fee to registered student organizations. The SFB is a policy group that funds organizations in a fair and equitable manner.  

Your organization can meet with a Student Funding Board member to discuss questions about your funding request(s).  When it comes time to submit a request, follow our funding guide.

Graduate Student Government

Clemson's Graduate Student Government is an important partner in supporting & celebrating graduate student organizations.  They partner with graduate student organizations and also help fund their efforts through their finance committee.  

Clemson Dholna at Tiger Prowl.

Clemson Student Organizations

492 student organizations are registered with Clemson University, and each organization has leaders who can share their unique experiences.  Explore Clemson Student Organizations here.  On TigerQuest, student organizations have a "Join" button in the top right-hand corner of their page, while campus departments, community partners, and other non-student organizations do not have this "Join" button.