Individual Student Growth

To promote continuous growth and individual success for each student based upon an articulated, collaboratively developed plan that addresses student needs (academic, aptitudes, and interests.)

Strategies we commit to

How We Measure Success

2023-2024 Focus Activities

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Where we are

Fort Thomas Independent Schools have always worked hard to foster continuous student growth within our schools.  We want to build upon our strong achievement scores by looking at individual student needs through the areas of achievement, aptitudes, and interests.   

STAR will be analyzed yearly looking for students in grades K-9 who demonstrate at or above typical growth in both math and reading.  

We will  build upon our strengths by looking at individual student data on the district required 3rd-12th grade Resiliency Poll in the areas of grit and hope.  

We will monitor growth and improvement of ACT scores through a lens of improvement for each student as they take the ACT in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  

All of this data will be utilized to foster intentional conversations surrounding individual student growth and overall achievement for every student.  

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