The Five-Year Strategic Plan for Fort Thomas Independent Schools (FTIS) is all about continuous improvement. In short, it’s about building on our tradition of excellence and assuring every single FTIS student receives a world-class education. FTIS has developed a unique approach in reporting our ongoing progress to stakeholders and designing growth opportunities that are flexible, iterative and responsive to changing needs and expectations. In order to live our district mission and bring our vision into reality, our new Strategic Plan focuses on five priority areas:

  • Positive and Engaged Culture

  • Achievement

  • Student Experiences and Opportunities

  • Individual Student Growth

  • Portrait of a Graduate: The FT Graduate

For each priority area, FTIS has identified implementation strategies to guide continuous improvement efforts for the next five years. These strategies are outlined on the pages that follow. While each priority area is represented separately, it is important to note that there is significant interconnection among the work.

To ensure districtwide alignment, innovation, and the ability to flexibly adjust to dynamically changing needs, FTIS has formed Leadership and Implementation Teams to identify initiatives that are most necessary to make forward progress and to monitor success. These teams are comprised of stakeholders from all five schools, the community, and student body. The composition of these teams and their work may be reviewed by scanning the associated QR code.

FTIS is truly Rich in Tradition, Focused on the Future. We look forward to the realization of our vision and continuous improvement as outlined in the Strategic Plan, which is supported with an innovative and flexible method for engaging our full community in the preparation of the Fort Thomas Graduate and delivering a world-class education to every student.

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Positive and Engaged Culture

To institute a system where trust is built, passion is inspired, relationships are developed, authenticity is respected, and solutions are determined.


To sustain top performance levels and expand honors across the system, including the closure of academic achievement gaps and assurance of success for all student subgroup populations.

Student Experiences & Opportunities

To provide all students in Preschool through 12th grade an enriched learning experience that incorporates intentional preparedness for college, career, and life.

Individual Student Growth

To promote continuous growth and individual success for each student based upon an articulated, collaboratively developed plan that addresses needs, aptitudes, and interests.

Portrait of a Graduate

To personalize learning in such a way that fosters student ability to develop essential competencies that lead to the ownership and reflection of their personal growth.