COST Action CA18134

Genomic BIodiversity Knowledge for Resilient Ecosystems


In a rapidly changing environment the resilience of ecosystems depends ultimately on species adaptability. G-BIKE will enable standard and routine tools for assessing, monitoring and managing the genetic silience and related adaptive potential of wild and captive populations. Although genetic data can be obtained for most organisms, the standardization of protocols for detecting and monitoring species’ genetic diversity, and their potential for adaptation, is still lacking. G-BIKE will assist scientists and practitioners across the EU and particularly in COST Inclusiveness Target Countries to integrate genetic and evolutionary knowledge into conservation planning policies, and to promote cross-border management and long term monitoring programs of evolutionary potential in order to ensure persistence of populations and species, and ultimately the continued supply of nature-based ecosystem services. Considering the drastic impacts of climate change during the coming decades, G-BIKE is especially urgent.


- 1st G-BiKE Policy Brief just released

-Report from 1st G-BikE Training School: "Genomic tools for conservation: a practitioners' guide", January 20-22, 2020, La Valletta, MALTA


"New developments in the field of genomic technologies for solving practical conservation issues"

Portorož – Portorose, SLOVENIA March 4‐6, 2020.

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COST Action CA18134

Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union

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