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Essex County Public Schools exists to serve the individual educational needs of our students.


In partnership with our students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community, Essex County Public Schools is committed to creating Pathways to Excellence by promoting a positive, student-focused culture striving for continuous improvement that meets the academic, athletic, artistic, and career occupational needs of all our students by guiding, inspiring, celebrating, and teaching our students as we equip them to meet the challenges of a global society.


  1. Achieve full accreditation in all schools.

  2. Develop, attract and retain a highly qualified workforce that reflects our community.

  3. Seek the involvement and participation of the entire community in promoting a positive educational culture.

  4. Increase family engagement in the education of all students.

ECPS STRATEGIC PLAN Alignment: Excellence through Service

ECPS Goal #1: Student Achievement

Essex County Public Schools will engage students in learning opportunities to meet the individual educational needs of each student emphasizing student achievement, personal aspirations, and college and career readiness that prepares students for the local, national, and global economy.

ECPS Goal #2: Highly Qualified Staff

Essex County Public Schools will recruit high-quality staff and retain the division’s exemplary workforce by creating an environment where transparency and trust are the norm that reflect the community.

ECPS Goal #3: School Environment

Essex County Public Schools will ensure a fully-integrated approach to safety and security that encompasses both the physical environment and the social/emotional needs of students in promoting a positive educational culture with community support.

ECPS Goal #4: School and Community Relations

Essex County Public Schools will promote, facilitate, and enhance partnerships and communications between the schools, students, and the community.

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