Region 9 ESC Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) has the ability to provide Corrections Education to participants who are institutionalized or incarcerated.  The activities include academic study in Reading, Math, and Language in order to prepare for the GED Test. In addition, transition to Re-entry and Post-Release Services with the goal of reducing recidivism. The addition of Transition to Re-entry and Post-Release Services help ensure that incarcerated individuals and those under community supervision become productive members of society.

Although there is no one approach, a growing body of evidence shows that providing offenders with access to specific services helps reduce their likelihood of recidivating. The model focuses on:

• Strengthening and aligning education services provided in correctional institutions and the community to support successful movement between the two.

• Establishing a strong program infrastructure to support and improve education services. Ensuring education is well integrated into the corrections system by making it a critical component of intake and prerelease processes and closely linking it to support and employment services.