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QUICK LINKS for Seniors

(You cannot edit this form; instead, click the three-dots at the top right to make a copy.)(You cannot edit this form; instead, click the three-dots at the top right to make a copy.)
  • Transcript Requests Form

  • Mid-Year Report Request

  • List Your Scholarship Offers Here


2020-21 SCHEDULES will be available in Skyward beginning August 13 at 1pm.

  • Schedule changes can be requested through September 1, 2020. We will do our best to honor your request; however, many classes are full. We will not accept requests for a lunch change or a teacher change.

  • Level changes (moving from an advanced course to the equivalent on-level course) can be requested through September 25, 2020.

AP EXAM SCORES can be found here​. If you need help with your account you will need to contact CollegeBoard at 888.225.5427 or at apstudents@info.collegeboard.org. (Scores may be delayed for students who testing during the June makeup dates or who tested with accommodations.)

CLASS OF 2021:

  • Find our 5-part guidance series here.

  • Your GPA has been updated in Naviance; you can start requesting transcripts to be sent to colleges when school starts.

Who is my counselor?

students are assigned a counselor based on the first letter of their last name

Students with last name A-B, Will-Z

Lisa Saunders | lsaunders@eanesisd.net

Students with last name L-M

Teri Ochoa | tochoa@eanesisd.net

Students with last name C-F

Caty Broderick | cbroderick@eanesisd.net

Students with last name N-Sa

Trisha Uhler | tuhler@eanesisd.net

Students with last name G-J

Kirsten Williamson |kwilliamson@eanesisd.net

Students with last name Sb-Wilk

Lisa Arronge | larronge@eanesisd.net

Students with last name K (+ Lead Counselor)

Heidi Sauer | hsauer@eanesisd.net

Student Support Counselors

Westlake social workers are located in Suite 250 near the Chap Court.

​Katie Bryant

512.732.9280 ext 34000


​Kristi Waidhofer

512.732.9280 ext 33111


Counseling Office Staff

Administrative Assistant

Karen Montgomery

512.732.9280 ext 33037


Administrative Assistant

Bre Taylor (thru 7/31)

Janna Holley (starts 7/27)

512.732.9280 ext 33030




Rose Lamendola