We strongly believe in the importance of a balanced education, including through all forms of arts. 

In the primary school students at Dili International School have music classes weekly where they sing, play and move to music. Younger students play percussion instruments and glockenspiels and Grades 3-6 learn the recorder.

Secondary students are encouraged to join school bands and choirs as a way of expressing themselves musically as a part of the extra curricular program.

Music also happens through PYP units of inquiry as you will see in the clips below. Each of the songs below was written to help the students understand the central ideas' of their current inquiries. As part of the inquiry approach to learning at DIS we are always looking for way to integrate learning across many disciplines. 

Grade 3/4 singing about: Gravity

Gravity 2015-7870.mp4

Grade 3/4 singing: It is living?

Is it living 2015-7869.mp4

Grade 3/4 singing about: Persuasion

Persuasion 2015-7868.mp4

Grade 3/4 singing about: Burt and His Yurt

Bert and His Yurt 2015-7870.mp4