Student life

Educational Trips

At Dili International School we recognise the value of first-hand experience gained by students while visiting locations outside of the classroom. As a apart of their units of inquiry students regularly go out on excursions locally. Teachers are always looking for creative and meaningful ways to help students apply what they are learning to real life examples and situations in the community.

In the upper primary and secondary grades, students visit the local districts on school camps. Camps are an important part of our students educational programme. They provide our students with opportunities to develop and enrich teamwork and leadership skills while enriching their educational experience.

Our camps also provide students with the opportunity to connect with local communities. This year students have visited Likisa, Maubisse, Railaco and Atauro to learn more about these communities by meeting with people, speaking to them and sharing stories and opinions, by working alongside students in classrooms and orphanages.

Grade 5/6 Camp

How we relate to each other?

Lau Hata

Grade 7 Camp

Who am I?

UNIO Ai Lok Lam

Grade 8 Camp

How do I build Relationships?


Grade 9 Camp

how might i be of service?


Grade 10 Camp

Where am i going?


Grade 11 Camp

Atauro Island

Grade 12 Camp

Lau Hata

Grade 6 Exhibition

Theme: Sharing the planet (Identifying our community issues using the Sustainable Development Goals.)