Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) aims to benefit DIS students by providing an avenue for parents active involvement in the school community. Membership in the PTA is automatic for all parents and teachers at DIS and all families are encouraged to become involved in some way. Close cooperation and communication with DIS management by the group executive will ensure that the school's particular needs for assistance are properly communicated and met. A formal executive is elected consisting of co-ordinator, treasurer and secretary and meetings are held once a month, which all parents and staff are welcome to attend.

What does the PTA do?

Some ideas include:


Funds raised by the PTA will be shared between buying necessary items for DIS students as well as 12.5% being donated to charities which have been officially sanctioned between the PTA committee and DIS Management. Some ideas include:

What you can do with the PTA

Come along to any functions advertised. If you would like to volunteer for a specific activity or have a new idea that would benefit the school, please come along to a PTA meeting.