Founder and Director

Carmel Bates


Early Years Principal / Relieving Primary Principal

Michelle Lopes 


Secondary Principal / VCE Director

Tim Blackman



Welcome to Dili International School (DIS), an independently owned and managed school which offers your child an accredited and international standard education. Since 2002 DIS has welcomed hundreds of families from all around the world and created a dynamic learning environment that truly 'embraces diversity'. We have the ability to differentiate our learning experiences to a range of needs while maintaining an inclusive and caring community. This year (2023) we celebrate 20 years of serving the expatriate and Timorese communities on our current campuses.

In accordance with our Vision and Mission, we strive to create an environment that "promotes the education of the whole person, emphasising intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth through all domains of knowledge".

We facilitate an inquiry driven curriculum that is rigorous and diverse in our vibrant intercultural community. Our school provides challenge and inspiration for all students while instilling a love of learning that transcends school. Parents and the school are a collaborative team and all stakeholders are valued and respected.

At DIS we value collaboration between our teachers and parents and look forward to working in partnership with you in order to provide a positive educational experience for your child.

For 20 years we have focused on ensuring students who are either with us for a long time or a short time are prepared for their future endeavours including moving into another school or continuing into university or tertiary education. Students always leave DIS as inquisitive global citizens enriched by the experiential education delivered by our school.

DIS provides a wide range of sporting and extra curricular activities, creating a variety of social and skill building opportunities for students. Our strong community focus means students are able to engage with the local context and learn about the value of giving to others and respecting cultural diversity. Our strength is in our unity and acceptance of one and other. We strive to foster this sort of attitude in all of our students who are given the opportunity to connect, succeed, and thrive in an all aspects of school and life.