Guangqi Classics Lecture and Seminar Series


Aiming at promoting Classical Studies in China and fostering trans-lingual and trans-cultural conversations about Western Classics, the Guangqi Classics Series invites Classics scholars from around the world to share their cutting-edge research, provide master classes, and organize international conferences and workshops on diverse aspects of the ancient world.

The Series is generously supported by Shanghai "1000" Plan, Shanghai Normal University, and the Classics Department of Dickinson College. The main host for the Guangqi Classics Series is Shanghai Normal University, but it has many collaborative partners around the country.

The main organizers are Professor Heng Chen 陈恒 and Professor Jinyu Liu 刘津瑜.

The College of Humanities and Communication of Shanghai Normal University provided excellent administrative support to the organization of the first three Seasons (2015-2017) of the Guangqi Classics Lecture and Seminar Series, since it was launched in 2015. In 2018, the Series started to be managed by the Guangqi International Center for Scholars (of Shanghai Normal University), which was formally established in 2017 with its own staff and facilities. Special thanks to the staff members especially Ms. Xiao Xiulin 肖秀琳, Ms. Chu Yun 储韵, Ms. Chen Ling 陈玲, Mr. Ren Rong 任荣, and Mr. Li Ruobao 李若宝, the faculty members especially Professor Yi Zhaoyin 裔昭印, Dr. Xiong Ying 熊莹, Dr. Kang Kai 康凯, Dr. 李尚君 Li Shangjun, and Dr. Li Teng 李腾, the graduate students of the World History program at Shanghai Normal University for their support, which has been indispensable for the successful running of the events. 非常感谢校方、人文学院、光启国际中心、世界史的各位老师以及同学的大力支持!