4th Grade

Julie Holtz - 4th Grade Teacher


Julie Holtz has been working at Eldorado since it's opening in 2001. Prior to that, she taught at Pine Grove Elementary in Parker for two years. She started her career in Houston, Texas where she taught kindergarten and pre-kindergarten for six years. She went to the University of Northern Iowa for her undergrad work in early childhood and elementary education degrees. She got her master's from Walden University with an emphasis in literacy.

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Lisa Sandy - 4th Grade Teacher


Lisa Sandy currently teaches fourth Grade at Eldorado Elementary. This is her ninth year at Eldorado, six years teaching Sixth Grade and three years teaching Fourth Grade. Prior to Eldorado, Lisa taught Fifth and Sixth Grades in Parker, and Fifth Grade in Irving, Texas. While at Eldorado, she has served on the Eldorado Leadership Team and this year is a member of the PRIDE Committee as well as a Mentor to our Anti - Bullying Club.

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Darlene Loflin - 4th Grade Educational Assistant