Cloverleaf Enrichment School

A Partnership

Cloverleaf Enrichment School is a Douglas County Public School and represents a partnership between family, school and community. Students in grades K-12 attend one day of enrichment classes each week to support and enrich home education. Teachers at Cloverleaf utilize a highly engaging and collaborative inquiry-based approach as they work to prepare learners for a rapidly changing world. Enrollment in Cloverleaf allows families to access free curriculum to support and supplement their home education. Homeschool curriculum is available for many core subject areas if parents opt to use it.

Families participating in this program receive:

    • tuition free enrichment courses provided one day a week by certified teachers
    • hands-on, minds-on instruction
    • project-based learning style
    • field trips on a district bus, and special in-house speakers
    • free access to curriculum for parents to use to support and supplement home education, if student is enrolled during the October funding period
    • Standardized testing

Cloverleaf Enrichment School is located at two sites in Castle Rock - A Kindergarten through 8th grade site at Grace Chapel and a 7th grade through 12th grade site at New Hope Presbyterian Church.

Cloverleaf Enrichment School, K-8 Phone: 720-271-6804

Located at Grace Chapel in Castle Rock (935 Evalena Rd, 80108). The school day extends from 9:00am to 3:15pm. The K-8 program includes:

    • Full-day classes for kindergarten students.
    • Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Physical Education classes for students in 1st - 5th grade.
    • Science, Language Arts, and Art for students in grades 6-8.

Kindergarten students learn important social skills, build strong relationships with their teacher and peers, and benefit from this additional support in mastering foundational academic skills. First through 8th grade students learn from a certified expert in each particular content area. Activities include science labs, highly creative art projects, team games and physical skill development, reading and writing enrichment, and social science seminars. At Cloverleaf, we are excited to partner with you in educating your child by providing engaging classes, fabulous certified teachers, great friends, enriching field trips and so much more.

Cloverleaf Middle/High Enrichment School, 7-12 Phone: 720-376-2062

Cloverleaf Middle/High Enrichment School is housed at New Hope Presbyterian Church (3737 New Hope Way, 80109). Times are 8:55am to 2:55pm.

Teacher, Megan Peterson, focuses on Language Arts & Humanities, as well as several topics in the areas of business, technology, and the arts. Language Arts/Humanities includes a focus on collaboration and critical thinking. Students discuss high interest current events, strengthen their writing and speaking skills, and also explore the creativity and craft of drama. In response to student interest, other areas of focus has included units on the stock market, product development and marketing, film production, and Career and Financial Planning. Field trips for the older students have included competing in the Stock Market Challenge and two museum field trips for the middle school students have further enriched their learning. We have also incorporated two 1/2 day “hands on” art creation activities. In addition, students in our program have the opportunity as juniors and seniors to participate in an internship program as well as college concurrent enrollment options.

To email us:

Cloverleaf Principal: Tony Winger -

Cloverleaf Coordinator - K-8: Chrystal Miller -

Cloverleaf Coordinator - Middle School/High School: Kristin Schmidt -

Home Education Coordinator/Curriculum : Kris Wagner -

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