• Started Manufacturing since 1993
  • Specialized in Manufacturing On Line Monitoring Systems for Textiles
  • Systems can be installed on all machines in Weaving, Knitting & Spinning Mills
  • Installed in over 350 Mills across the globe
  • Installed on over 20,000 Machines across the globe
  • Installation in all leading Mills in India
  • Installations in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Australia, Egypt, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria etc.,


  • On line monitoring of all machines for productivity, stoppage and efficiency
  • On line monitoring of Power consumption of all machines and utilities
  • On line monitoring of Air consumption of all machines and utilities


  • Measuring key production, power, air, etc., parameters
  • Measuring key efficiency parameters
  • Measuring Units Consumed for all production machines


  • Interpreting data to improve productivity
  • Interpreting data to improve efficiency
  • Interpreting data to improve power, air consumption


  • Correct individual units for optimum productivity
  • Correct individual machines for optimum efficiency
  • Correct individual machines and utility for Optimum power consumption

Products in WIRED & WIRELESS Models:


  • On Line Production for Weaving to collect Loom Data
  • On Line Production & Power Monitoring System for Weaving
  • On Line Production, Power & Air Consumption Monitoring System for Weaving
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Fabric Inspection System:

  • On Line Fabric Inspection System for Inspection Tables in Weaving & Knitting

Warping, Sizing & Processing:

  • On Line Monitoring System for Weaving Preparatory Machines (Warping, Sizing, Beaming, etc.,)


  • On Line Production Monitoring System for Knitting


  • On Line Production & Power Monitoring System for Spinning
  • On Line Production, Power, Air Consumption Monitoring System for Spinning
  • Power Monitoring System at DBs in Spinning for Power Reconciliation

Power Monitoring:

  • Power Monitoring Systems for Machines, DBs, MV Panel, Compressor, Humidification Plant, etc.,

Air Consumption:

  • Air Flow and Consumption Monitoring System for Air Consumption Reconciliation

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring:

  • Humidity & Temperature Monitoring

Spares Parts Failure Analysis on all Production Monitoring Systems

Any turnkey solution for Textile Industry and Other Manufacturing industry

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