On Line Monitoring System for Spinning

Monitoring of Spinning Data for Production, Power,

Air Consumption, Temperature & Humidity

Monitor Performance. Enhance Productivity

Trusted by leading mills worldwide, the Datalog Online Monitoring systems deliver results.

Productivity is assured by the continuous performance of every single machine in a Spinning mill. Unwanted stoppages and excess power used can throw a spanner in the works and drastically impact production schedules. That is why it is imperative to invest in Online Production & Power Monitoring Systems. Trusted by leading mills worldwide, the Datalog Online Monitoring systems deliver results.

Datalog Online Monitoring System facilitates continuous monitoring of each machine individually and collectively. The data is processed and useful reports generated help in the seamless running of all operations. All contributing to better productivity which, of course, translates into higher profits

Information at the click of a button

Datalog Online Monitoring System is feature rich and provides integrated information at a click. The We Based Software for the Online monitoring system is in PHP with database in MySQL with ERP Interface

Salient Features

  • On Line Monitoring of all Spinning Machine 24 X 7 for Production, Stoppage, Efficiency and Power
  • Optional: Air Consumption and Power Consumption can be monitored
  • Optional: Temperature and Humidity of the Shed can be monitored at different locations
  • Integrated information covering all Machines in Spinning mill on a single computer
  • Can be installed on all machines (Blowroom, Carding, Drawframe, Lapformer, Roving, Ring Frame, Winding, etc.,)
  • Can be installed on Humidification Plant Motorrs, Compressors and other utilities
  • Can be instaleld on DBs (Distibution Panel) and MV Panel
  • Viewing of all Information on the Machine through the Machine Terminal fitted on each Machine
  • System automatically Records all machine stops with time stamp
  • Reason for Long Stop can be entered on the Machine Terminal
  • Continuous monitoring of Actual (A%) and Production (P%) Efficiency
  • Web Based and hence easy to use on Internet
  • Automatic Operator Planning
  • Monitors Incoming Power Quality
  • Data is processed and useful reports are generated for a seamless running of operations
  • Immediate action by the user from the reports generated will result in Higher Profits through Higher Productivity
  • Spare Parts failure analysis


  • Reduce Machine Down Time
  • Improvement in Operator Work Load
  • Decrease in Power Cost by better Power Utilization
  • Optimize Speed vs. Power Consumption
  • Optimize Production vs Cost (UKG)
  • Prevent Avoidable Stops / Breakdowns
  • Monitor Health of Motor
  • Identify Mechanical Alignments, Drive shaft / Bearing / Lubrication problems
  • Compare machines running with same product (Count, Article)
  • Bring low performing machine on par with the best
  • Identify weak points and weak areas
  • Continuous monitoring of Quality of Power
  • Forewarn deteriorating points before it is too late
  • Fine-tuning Maintenance Practice and Schedules


  • SMS Alerts Module
  • Efficiency Display Board
  • LCD Display Software
  • Doff Prediction Display
  • Reports by Email
  • User Specific Display Boards

Reports & Screens

  • True Drill Down Long Term Reports (From Macro to Micro Level)
  • UKG vs Speed vs KWh Graphs for each Doff etc.,
  • DoffAnalysis
  • Power Graphs,
  • Efficiency Trend Graphs of Years, Year, Month, Day
  • Machine Wise, Article Wise, Supervisor Wise, Department Wise
  • Production / Stoppage / Doff Wise / Doff Prediction / Efficiency
  • Stop Diagram to show Machine Running / Stop over a period
  • Cop Buildup Diagram and displaying of Power Consumption in stages
  • Performance Report for Top Level Management
  • Snap Study
  • Exception Reports
  • Comparison
  • Spare Parts Failure Analysis
  • Power Consumption, PF, Units Consumed (KVA, Kwh), Voltage, Current, etc.,