About us

Datalog is a Registered Trademark of Datalog Technologies P. Ltd., a “Textile Process Monitoring Equipment” manufacturing company in Coimbatore, India, established in 1993.

Datalog Technologies P. Ltd., is a market leader in manufacturing Online Monitoring Systems for Spinning, Weaving, Knitting and Fabric Inspection System for Textiles and provide turn key solutions for any industry.

The Company has installed its products in major mills in India and abroad. The company has installations which covers more than 25,000 machines (in over 350 Mills) in several countries across globe like Indonesia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Australia, Thailand, Madagascar, Egypt, México, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Turkey, Morocco, Malaysia, USA and the list grows on.

The company offers innovative reliable hardware and software based solutions to monitor each Loom Data (LODA) in weaving process, Ring Data (RIDA) and Spin Data in Spinning process and Knit Data in knitting process. The data is presented as well structured reports by Loom Info Software, Spin Info software and Knit Info software respectively.

The Fabric Inspection System offered by the company is an innovative product to record each defect on the inspected fabric precisely. This helps the mills to have a quality assessment of the fabrics manufactured by them.

DATALOG is registered trademark of Datalog Technologies P. Ltd., India

Email: info@datalog.co.in