Weaving Preparatory & Processing

DATALOG - On Line Monitoring System for Weaving Preparatory and Processing System is a Web Based system equipped with state of the art Micro Controller based MACHINE TERMINAL with Touch Screen Display / User Specific Keyboard to monitor the Preparatory and Processing machines in Weaving Mills.

  • The system automatically measures & records the Production, Stoppage and Speed information.
  • A Computer connected in the IT-Network collects these information ON LINE through WIRELESS technology.
  • Web Based Software processes the data from the Machines.
  • Process includes Capturing, Sorting, Storing, Retrieving, Calculating and Displaying various User friendly Reports & Screens.
  • Software comes with inbuilt reports for Monitoring Productivity, Stoppage, Efficiency, etc., Analysis.
  • Customised reports can be programmed as per the customer requirement.
  • Users can access these information through the web browsers based on their access levels from remote locations.
  • The system also allows multiple users to access the data simultaneously.

Hardware Features of Machine Terminal

Speed - Continuous monitoring of the speed during machine running

Production - Continuous monitoring of Production during machine running

Stoppage - Records each stop with time stamping

Records Yarn Break Signal

Efficiency - Calculates Efficiency based on the Machine running

Stops can be classified for various stop reasons by entering the Stop Code reason on the Machine Terminal

Stop Alarm / Relay Output - on reaching the Production Order Length


Web Based software that can be accessed across the Plant and outside the plant through internet will have the following options:

Standards & Assignments for:


Style / Article




Stop Code



Entries Available in the System

Reports & Screens

Entries available in the system:

Warping Operator Order - Entry on Computer by Production Management team

Article Data - Entry on Computer by Production Management team

Waste Entry

Reports & Screens:

Machine Wise / Order Wise / Style Wise / Operator Wise reports

Current Shift / Completed Shift / Completed Day / From To Period Reports

Graphical and Text Reports

Production report - Showing Theoretical & Practical Production and difference

Stoppage report

Efficiency report

Yarn Break report

Salary Calculation based on Productivity

ERP Interface

Export - Automatic Data Transfer of Data monitored by DATALOG to ERP at preset interval

Import - Automatic Data Transfer of Master Data from ERP to Datalog as applicable