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Whether you have 4 years left of high school or are in your last semester, your academics are just as important. Throughout high school, grades continue to impact your GPA and your overall transcript that will be sent to colleges, the military, or future employers.

This website is a compilation of resources to help support students academically. Failing a course means not participating in graduation (seniors) and/or having to re-take that course and risking future eligibility. If you have questions about these resources or need more information, please reach out to your counselor.


As we navigate our full in-person learning model in the midst of the latest COVID surge, we continue to examine and refine our practices. The health and safety of students and staff remains our first priority. Instructionally, we are committed to maintaining our in-person learning model. Therefore, we are strictly observing local health department regulations and State of Illinois Executive Orders, which at times require us to “exclude” some students from in-person attendance due to COVID-19. A student is excluded if he or she has COVID-like symptoms, is a Close Contact of someone with COVID, or contracts COVID him or herself. Students with COVID-like symptoms may return to school after providing documentation of a negative COVID test, a "differential diagnosis" from a doctor, or once the exclusion period has elapsed. Students who are Close Contacts or have COVID must quarantine according to health department rules and may return to school once the quarantine period has expired.

Student Expectations During Exclusion:

  • Contact teachers to determine what is expected while at home- see Staff Directory

      • Email teachers and let them know that you have been "excluded” from school.

      • If possible, include the dates you will be absent.

      • If you have questions about the class, ask the teacher(s) when they are available to talk on the phone or Zoom with you.

      • Ask about their expectations.

  • Access available after school tutoring support in English and/or Math when needed- see Tutoring tab

      • Email Mrs. Stewart at Istewart@d94.org for questions about English.

      • Email Mr. Balhan at sbalhan@d94.org for questions about Math.

  • Utilize an Academic Coach to help access materials and learning.

    • Academic Coaching is available if you need additional support to stay connected with teachers and complete school work.

    • A staff member help prioritize assignments, help communicate with teachers, and navigate working from home.

    • Email Mrs. Howard, the Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at mhoward@d94.org.

  • Plan a Google Meet with Mrs. Blanca if you have any questions.

      • Email bruiz@d94.org to make the request.

      • She is available Monday - Thursday from 6:00pm-7:00 pm to answer any questions you may have about how to stay on track.

      • She also speaks Spanish.

  • Take time to check Google Classroom and email.

      • Check Google Classroom and your email throughout the day.

      • Teachers will post assignments in Google Classroom, and they will reply to your emails - so please send them an email first.

  • Continue to communicate with teachers throughout the exclusion.

      • Remember, you are responsible for emailing your teachers when you are absent.


The mission of the West Chicago Community High School Counseling department is to teach, nurture, and inspire all students with a comprehensive and proactive school counseling curriculum. This curriculum fosters a growth mindset, builds emotional intelligence, and encourages world awareness and involvement. Further, it insists that every student be ethically responsible and have a realistic and viable post-secondary plan upon graduation. School counselors advocate for equity, access, and student success by identifying and addressing barriers, encouraging self-advocacy, accountability, and promoting the development of citizenship that embraces integrity and character.

Contact Your School Counselor!

  • Mrs. Barb Brennan


  • Mr. Gavin Engel


  • Ms. Jenny Gawenda


  • Mrs. Julie Hensley


  • Ms. Ashley Klauss


  • Mrs. Tracy Lukas


  • Mr. Gerardo Tovar


  • Ms. Maria Navarro


Check for updates from the WEGO Counseling Department via email, google classroom, and social media!

Snapchat: @wegocounsel

Instagram: @wegocounsel

Twitter: @WCCHS_StuServ

Facebook: @WeGoCounseling

TikTok: @wegocounsel

Technology Support

Email: elearning@d94.org

*Support for Chromebooks and hotspots are available.

Internet Access-WEGO Hotspot Program

We have Hotspots available for students who do not have home internet access. Please email cbarry@d94.org if you need to get a hotspot.

If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, you may also be eligible for reduced cost internet at home through the
Internet Essentials program.

Drive up internet access is available at a number of locations including West Chicago Public Library. Details can be found

Chromebook HELP

TSI is our Chromebook Help Desk run by students. The average time in TSI is 4 minutes. The TSI Classroom will be open periods 1st, 9th, and 10th this semester.

What TSI can help do:

    • Help with physical damage (broken hinge, screen, key fallen off, etc.)

    • Help with software issues (keys not responding, can't sign into certain sites, Chromebook frozen, keyboard language gets switched, etc.)

    • Students with Chromebooks that are lost or stolen

    • Found Chromebooks

    • Charger issues

Questions? Contact Mr. Jarosz- kjarosz@d94.org.

WEGO Student Services is here for you!