WEGO Academic Supports


This school year has been difficult and we are here to support you. Whether you have 4 years left of high school or are in your last semester, your academics are just as important. Throughout high school, grades continue to impact your GPA and your overall transcript that will be sent to colleges, the military, or future employers.

This website is a compilation of resources to help support students academically. Please note that the second semester grading scale will not be adjusted. Failing a course means not participating in graduation (seniors) and/or having to re-take that course and risking future eligibility. If you have questions about these resources or need more information, please reach out to your counselor.

Tips from Principal, Dr. Dwyer

1) Check PowerSchool to see what you are missing.

2) Reach out to your teachers to find out what you can still submit.

3) Stay on top of your work.


The mission of the West Chicago Community High School Counseling department is to teach, nurture, and inspire all students with a comprehensive and proactive school counseling curriculum. This curriculum fosters a growth mindset, builds emotional intelligence, and encourages world awareness and involvement. Further, it insists that every student be ethically responsible and have a realistic and viable post-secondary plan upon graduation. School counselors advocate for equity, access, and student success by identifying and addressing barriers, encouraging self-advocacy, accountability, and promoting the development of citizenship that embraces integrity and character.

Contact Your School Counselor!

  • Mrs. Barb Brennan


  • Ms. Tracy Eier


  • Mr. Gavin Engel


  • Mrs. Julie Hensley


  • Ms. Maria Navarro


  • Mrs. Mary Roley


Technology Support

Email: elearning@d94.org

*Support for Chromebooks and hotspots will be available.

Check for updates from the WEGO Counseling Department via email, google classroom, and social media!

Snapchat: @wegocounsel

Instagram: @wegocounsel

Twitter: @WCCHS_StuServ

Facebook: @WeGoCounseling

TikTok: @wegocounsel