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FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid


CADAA: California Dream Act Application


For Undocumented Students / AB540 students


FAFSA / CADAA Walk Through

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FAFSA/CADAA Presentation Jan 2024

FAFSA Step by Step video

CADAA Step by Step video


By filling out FAFSA/CADAA, students may be eligible for Grants, scholarships Work Study, or Interest Free Loans! 

In addition, many colleges require the application to be submitted before they can receive grants or scholarships from the institution.  

Even if the family's income is too high for need-based aid, the student may qualify for scholarships, work study, or low interest loans.  Other factors are considered when determining financial aid, including the number of children enrolled in college and age of parents.  For community college, all students are eligible for first year free regardless of family income - student must submit FAFSA/CADAA.

Opt-out form must be submitted if you will not submit FAFSA/CADAA


The Cal Grant eligibility deadline is May 2.  Submit by this date!

What do you need to submit FAFSA/CADAA?

Checklist of important documents you need to help complete the Free Application for Federal  Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA)

Track your log in information for financial aid applications!  Here is a tracking sheet you can use.

The Process

6. Create an account and check Cal Grant status at https://mygrantinfo.csac.ca.gov/

https://understandingfafsa.org/ - Guides available in multiple languages

FAFSA Tips & Tricks 

USF's Step-by-step help video below!

Next Steps After Submitting FAFSA/CADAA

Check your Cal Grant status 

Review your Financial Aid Award Letter

Compare the financial aid award letters from each school.  If you have questions or concerns, contact the financial aid office at the college(s).  

Apply for Scholarships!

Check the financial aid office website for each school you applied to.  Do they have additional scholarships you can apply to?  

Apply for CVEF Scholarships.

Check the Scholarships page

Confirm your Cal Grant (Once you know what school you will be attending):

What you can Qualify for with FAFSA/CADAA

Federal Aid (FAFSA applicants only):

Federal Pell Grant 

Federal Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent Plus)

Work Study


California Aid (For students attending a college/university in California):

Cal Grant 

Middle Class Scholarship

Chafee Grant (for Foster Youth) - Additional Application required


Institutional Aid:

Grants and Scholarships from the universities / colleges

Estimate your Aid

Use the FAFSA 4 Caster to estimate the amount of aid you may receive.  https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/estimate 

Use the Net Price Calculator on any college or university website to estimate the amount you may receive for that school.

Tips & FAQs


https://studentaid.gov/resources - FAFSA resources

https://www.collegecovered.com/paying-for-college/fafsa-101-your-financial-aid-faqs-answered/ - FAFSA 101 from College Covered

https://www.goingmerry.com/blog/how-to-apply-for-fafsa/ - How to Apply for FAFSA from Going Merry

https://www.goingmerry.com/blog/fafsa-questions/ - The 7 Trickiest Questions and How to Approach Them from Going Merry

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