A Volcanic "Hello" to all our Outdoor Explorers

Join us for this volcanic edition of Outdoor Explorers as we explore our interest in volcanoes and lava through play, pictures, games, experiments and songs.

Sadly, as we still cannot meet together as an after school group, sharing our outdoor news on this website is the next best thing. If you have anything you would like to us to publish in the next Outdoor Explorers Edition, please use the box below. We would love to hear from you.

Video 1 minute

Volcanic creativity in the classroom & at home

Volcanoes made from clothes



Volcanic Experiments

This Outdoor Explorer experiment was very successful

However, Mrs Mack's experiment, didn't really go to plan!

An eruption of applause must go to Laura who has kept herself really busy over the last year doing a wide variety of activities via zoom. Her latest achievement is passing her level 1 Makaton Exam. Well done Laura and Mrs Aitken who passed her level 4.

Dinner Maker

Photograph Taker

Cake Baker

Makaton Communicator

Recent Volcanic Activity

This short film shows how beautiful volcanic eruptions can be. The film shows a volcano eruption on the 19th March 2021 in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. People noticed a red cloud lighting up the sky after the eruption started. Local people flocked to the volcano to watch in fascination as the lava slowly spread all over the land.

Lava Play Outdoors

Would you be brave enough to venture into this dark volcano? By hitching up this old tarp the children were able to have lots of fun playing imaginary volcano games.

Going on a Volcano Shape Hunt in the woodlands

A volcanic shaped mound

A volcanic shaped branch

Junking it

We used junk modelling to make a jungle that included some volcanoes.

5 things never to say to boys:

These are statements that have upset this Outdoor Explorer, when either directed at him or others. Click on the instagram link below to see the video.

One of our favourite playground games has a volcanic theme: 'Floor is Lava'.

Keep your feet off the floor, so the lava does not get you!

An Eruption of Planting

This time of year is great for planting trees, so we planted this cherry tree in the new 'Seasons' garden. We want it to grow so tall and strong that we will be able to climb and have fun in it in the years to come.

A favourite volcanic film-Lava.

The children loved to listen to this film in the hubs during lockdown.

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