Frequently Asked Questions for Online Auditions (2020-21)

If you plan to audition in a future year (2020-21 or beyond), see the original Frequently Asked Questions page.

What if I'm not available on any of the audition dates?

  • Contact the Audition Coordinator ;we will work with you to find a separate time when you can connect with the music faculty to audition online.

What do I need for an online audition?

  • A device with a camera and microphone (a smartphone, tablet, or computer)

  • An internet connection that meets Zoom system requirements: broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). You can check your speed at

  • If you do not have an internet connection, you can also call into the Zoom meeting on a phone (audio only)

  • A quiet room with minimal background noise and distractions

  • A surface, stand, or person to hold your device (see below for information on how the camera should be positioned)

  • A separate device or speaker to play an accompaniment recording, if you are using one

  • The Zoom software or app downloaded onto your device

  • A Zoom account (optional but recommended for Zoom Auditions)

What will my audition be like?

  • For Chorus/Piano/Orchestra/Band auditions you'll sign up for a time slot through Sign-Up Genius (see audition requirements for your area) and a Zoom link will be sent via email the Thursday prior to your appointment time. On audition day, you'll click on the Zoom link you received via email. This will take you to a virtual waiting room, so you can go ahead and click the link a few minutes prior to your audition time. Once the previous student has finished their audition, you'll be admitted to the virtual meeting room!

  • Other areas such as Theatre/Musical Theatre/Technical Theatre/Costume Design/Visual Arts, require applicants to upload video submissions through a Google form.

  • For Zoom auditions you will need to select your audio input (usually "use device audio"). Your teacher will take a minute to make sure your microphone and audio are working so you can hear each other! You'll see 4 or 5 people on screen.

  • You'll introduce yourself and the piece(s) you are performing, then play or sing.

  • Once you're done, the music teachers will introduce themselves and have a short conversation. They'll have questions for you about your musical experience, academic and personal interests, college plans, etc., and you will have the opportunity to ask them any questions you have as well.

Do you have any tips for setting up the camera?

  • Please set up your device so there is a clear and centered view of at least your upper body, hands, and face as you perform. Make sure you don't move out of the frame! You may have your device vertical or horizontal, whichever you think captures a better overall view.

  • If you are performing with a pianist live (not a recording), make sure the device is closer to you than it is to the piano, otherwise your sound will be overpowered by the piano.

  • If you are using sheet music on a music stand, make sure the stand is low enough or off to the side so that it is not blocking you from the camera.

  • Ideas for holding the device: a music stand, a chair with a pile of books, 2-3 plastic storage bins stacked up. Try to have the device at eye level with you, or as close as possible. Sometimes, the sound quality is better if the device is on something soft--like a pillow or blanket. If all else fails, you could have another person hold the device for you

What should I perform for my online audition?

  • Please see Audition Requirements and Reference Documents for your area for more information on what to perform during your audition (ie. required excerpts for your instrument and/or solos)

  • These documents are only part of the audition, so be sure to follow the Audition Requirements for your major in their entirety.

What if I need an accompanist?

Should I bring my own instrument? What if I don't have my own instrument or can't go to school to get it. What should I do?

  • Please let us know right away (email ) and we will work with you on finding a solution so that you can still audition!

  • Middle School - Beginning Band (6)-Students do not need to bring an instrument unless they have experience. Please see MS Band Audition Requirements regarding instruments.

  • Experienced Middle School Band (7-8)-Students auditioning for 7th and 8th grade are expected to bring their own wind instruments, percussion students should bring their percussion sticks (Ludwig 2b or equivalent; 1 pair of basic double-tipped beginning mallets.)Please see MS Band Audition Requirements regarding instruments.

  • High School Band-Students are expected to bring their own wind instruments; percussion students should bring drumsticks/mallets. Please see HS Band Audition Requirements regarding instruments.

What should I wear for my audition?

  • Even for online auditions, we encourage you to wear something that looks nice and is comfortable. Formal attire is not required, but we encourage you to dress in a professional manner that will help give a good impression.