These directions are included in the Audition Process Checklist under the "request an Audition" tab.

Audition Directions/Instructions:

If the student is late to the audition, you will likely have to wait until the next audition date. We are not able to interrupt auditions that are in progress.

Arrival and Waiting:

  • DO NOT go to the front of the school. Drive down Celia Avenue (left hand side of the school) and take a right at the gate. For weekday auditions, you may need to drive past carpool on Celia and park in the lower student lot.

  • Auditions are in the gray building (with big circles on it) off of Celia Avenue. Enter the building through the double doors facing Celia Avenue. No one will be permitted to enter before 8:30 for morning auditions, or 4:15 for afternoon auditions.

  • Check in at the table at the end of the hall. An important handout will be available at the check-in table. Students auditioning for Piano can assist us by requesting their quiz at the desk.

  • A parent/adult must wait in the designated waiting area, unless the student is of driving age. (You may want to bring a sweater; the room can be very cold.) Parents are not allowed in the audition room, and they are not permitted to crowd around or hang out around the check-in area, audition rooms, or restrooms.

  • There will be an information session in the waiting area, and an opportunity to ask questions. If you have specific questions relating to your child, please email, or call the audition coordinator. Audition day is not the best day to ask detailed questions, as any staff member working that day will be focused on making sure the day runs smoothly.

Audition Results:

  • An important handout will distributed at auditions to give instructions for your next steps.

  • All students who pass auditions must enter the lottery for the corresponding NWSA program.

  • Visual Arts students do not audition at the school. Parents will get an email with Audition Results and next steps after the portfolios are evaluated. The portfolio evaluations are usually complete 2-3 weeks after the turn-in deadline.