Scholarships & Financial Aid

Indiana Choice Scholarship (Voucher Program)

The Choice Scholarship Program, administered by The Indiana Department of Education Office of School Finance, provides state funding to qualifying students to help offset tuition costs. Qualification is based on student eligibility criteria.

Students must have legal settlement in Indiana and be between the ages of 5 and 22 no later than August 1 of the school year. After satisfying these two requirements, there are eight different tracks that enable a student to be eligible to participate in the Choice Scholarship Program. A student must satisfy the requirements of only one of the eight tracks to be eligible. A complete explanation of each of the eight eligibility tracks can be found in the documents explaining each track posted at, in the Student Eligibility section.

Tax Credit Scholarships (SGO)

Tax Credit Scholarships, also known as "SGO" (Scholarship Granting Organization) Scholarships are funded by private donations. Donations to fund SGO scholarships feature a 50% state tax credit for the donor. The amount of the scholarship is based on household income. A student who meets the requirements for a Choice Scholarship may also qualify for an SGO scholarship in the same year provided that the combination of the two does not exceed tuition and fees.

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