What's Happening at CCS

Picture of students on a field trip gathered around a speaker
Picture of science project planet projects where students made plants out of household materials and wrote a paper on the planets.
Picture of students cleaning insides out of a pumpkin for a math project
Picture of girls volleyball team in line at a game.
Picture of students listening to a speaker on a field trip
Picture of Community Christian School's mascot, the Eagle
Picture of students bowling on a field trip
Picture of robotics team eating a snack together.
Picture of robotics team at a competition watching their robot.
Picture of students coloring outside at C.c.s.
Picture of students in a computer lab.
Picture of students sitting on floor in gym painting pictures.
Picture of older student reading to a younger student.
Picture of students showing another students something on an iPad
Picture of girls working together to complete an educational game on an iPad.

We celebrated 30 years of CCS in 2015!

Picture of students playing a game outdoors with a hula hoop.
Picture of students playing an outdoor game.
Picture of students cleaning out a pumpkin.
Picture of graduating kindergarten class in their caps and gowns.
Picture of a presenter during chapel with a live owl on his arm.
Picture of science class, students in goggles and lab coats.
Picture of Silly Safari presenter during chapel letting students pet a snake.
Picture of students in math class building towers.
Group picture of girls outside at C.c.s.
Picture of students playing an outdoor game during Field Day, students spinning around.
Group picture of boys outside c.c.s.