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Who We Are...

Founded in 1985, Community Christian School (CCS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, family cooperative school. Our programs serve children pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, and celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

The primary purpose of Community Christian School is to provide your child with a program of educational excellence set in a positive Christian atmosphere. Courses of study are developed in reverence to God’s Word, and are taught in a Christ-like way.

Community Christian School works in partnership with its families and community to provide an interdenominational, biblically integrated education, which is designed to prepare students to excel in any academic environment.

Through the efforts of our families, teachers, and staff, we have created what many consider to be the ideal school. Because of a deep desire to see students equipped to serve according to God's plan for their lives, CCS has designed a course of instruction that includes:

  • Relevant, life-inspiring, spiritual training

  • Rigorous academic coursework

  • Social interactions which promote relational intelligence

  • Christian values

  • Caring environment

  • Prayer

  • Strong academics

Our Vision

Community Christian School is an academic institution committed to providing Christian parents with quality Christian education for their children. CCS promotes a Biblically based worldview that assists parents in training their children to develop sound Christian character which will affect their community and world in a positive manner. The vision of CCS is to be recognized and sought as the standard for educational excellence because of its academic and spiritual development of students and its increasingly positive impact on society.

What makes CCS different?

Educating for Eternity

The primary purpose of Community Christian School (CCS) is to provide your child with a program of educational excellence set in a positive Christian atmosphere. Courses of study are developed in reverence to God’s word and taught in a Christ-like way. We strive to exceed all state mandated academic standards by utilizing proven teaching methods and the latest technology. Your student will be intellectually and spiritually challenged by these high expectations. Students experience a variety of opportunities to develop or strengthen a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in a curriculum that teaches a life changing, Biblical worldview that will bless your family and child for generations to come.

Family Friendly, Safe, and Caring

At CCS we encourage your involvement in your child’s education. We have developed creative ways that parents can be involved that are meaningful for both you and your child. Family values are supported and reinforced by the teachers and staff.

Our facilities and classrooms are attractive, clean, and meticulously maintained. We have many systems in place to ensure your child’s safety. When not in the classroom, students are in the care of trained staff. All staff receives first-aid training, and CPR certified staff is available at all times.

We care for your child in ways other schools can’t. Our teachers are not only degreed professionals but also committed, mature Christians that exhibit the “Fruits of the Spirit.” Each has received additional training to bring out and nurture your child’s unique God given gifts and talents. The teachers and staff pray for the students daily and rely on the transforming power of prayer to nurture and provide guidance for your child.

“I am most impressed how each year my child’s teacher has had special insights into what my child’s unique needs are and is able to focus attention on those needs to nurture and help my child grow in that area. My child has been blessed in many ways at CCS.” -The Price Family

When you enroll your child in CCS, you can relax because CCS is notably free of the adverse pressures and discipline problems often found in many non-Christian schools. Each child is made to feel loved and given a sense of worth and self-esteem.

Strong Academics and More (Much More)

Because of our smaller class sizes, personal attention, and proven teaching methods, CCS students consistently score well above the state average on state mandated tests.

However, we offer much more than just a strong academic base; our non-academic programs include music education, physical education, computer lab, foreign language and art. CCS students have the same opportunities to participate in activities outside of school such as Y Sports programs, scouting, school skates, and other family friendly social events.

Is it Worth the Tuition Cost?

We recently surveyed our parents and asked them that very question:

“Yes. Yes. Yes. No monetary value can be placed on the results we are seeing in our children. They are learning God’s truths and succeeding academically in all the ways we have hoped and prayed they would." - J. Edsell

“Yes! What price can you put your child’s spiritual and academic growth? We can’t afford not to!” - Jennifer Rader

Did you know CCS accepts Indiana Choice and SGO Scholarship recipients? More information about these scholarships is available on the Scholarships & Financial Aid tab.

Think CCS Might Be The Perfect School For Your Child?

If you are wondering if CCS might be the perfect school for your child, prayerfully consider CCS. Request our enrollment packet or schedule a visit to see what our children are learning in school.