New Family Open House

We invite you to attend our New Family Open House scheduled for March 3, 2024, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Please fill out the information in the form linked below, and someone will contact you as requested. We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to share our school with you!

Apply to Community Christian School

We're looking forward to speaking with you about your interest in our school. Choosing to educate your child at Community Christian School is making a decision that will benefit your child for a lifetime. A history of proven academic excellence as well as practical spiritual training makes CCS the choice for your child’s education and future.​

Parents who are considering enrollment at Community Christian School should begin the process by educating themselves about the school (philosophies, programs, etc.). This is an important decision, and one that should take time, thorough consideration, and prayer. To request a school visit, contact the administrator, Tiffani Pentecost, at 765-935-3215 or

Picture of four steps to enrollment as outlined below: explore website, schedule visit, complete application, and admissions review.


Welcome, and thank you for considering enrollment at Community Christian School. Choosing to educate your child at CCS is a decision which will benefit you and your child for a lifetime. A history of proven academic excellence as well as practical spiritual training makes CCS an excellent choice for your child’s education and future.

Parents who are considering enrollment at Community Christian School should begin the process by educating themselves about the school, its philosophies, and its programs. By making the decision to place your child this (or any) school, you are entrusting that institution and its people to “parent” your child in your absence. This choice, then, should be of utmost importance and one which should take time, thorough investigation, and prayer. 

CCS is dedicated to the education of the whole person (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical). Classroom instruction combines the best of traditional and contemporary teaching methods and incorporates technology, as well as music, foreign language, art, and physical education, into this well-rounded curriculum.

We appreciate the decision you have made regarding school choice. We earnestly believe that CCS is the best choice for your child’s future!


The Administration, Faculty, and Staff of CCS

Steps Toward Enrollment at CCS

If you're ready to begin the enrollment process, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Explore the CCS website ( to find general information about our school. On our website, you can find our calendar, financial contract, teacher biographies, and more!

Step 2: Schedule a visit with the school administrator, Tiffani Pentecost. You may do so by calling the school office at 765-935-3215, or directly email Tiffani at:

During this meeting, you may bring a variety of questions for the administrator and expect to have a short tour of the building. If subsequent questions arise, you may telephone or email the office for clarification.

Step 3: Once you have determined that CCS is the right environment for your child, you should then complete the CCS Application online and request to be scheduled for a screening test through the CCS office. The testing fee is $25.00 and must be paid at the time the service is rendered. At the time of testing please bring the following materials: any background school information you have available including state-mandated test scores, Individualized Education Plans, grade cards, awards, or citizenship materials. Please include the signed reference release and provide a name and telephone number for your child's former school/teacher(s).

Step 4: Once the Admission test process has been completed, you will be scheduled for an Admission Review Meeting. At this meeting, you will review the test with the administrator and teacher, and a placement decision will be made. Please bring to the Admission Review Meeting the following materials:

At this meeting, it is also our desire for you to meet other key office personnel including the:

CCS does not discriminate against any potential students based on race, color, national origin, or disability, and will follow the school’s admissions policy in regard to all students, including Choice Scholarship students.


Mrs. Tiffani Pentecost

Thank you for your interest in CCS.

Our admission process ensures efforts to provide for the needs of each prospective new family. Admission is based upon an application for enrollment, student assessment and an admissions review to establish grade level readiness.

It can be challenging to choose a school that's the best fit for your family, and will provide the most academic, creative and spiritual growth. We are pleased that you are considering CCS, and we look forward to helping you and getting to know your family through this admission process.

For More Information: Contact Tiffani Pentecost at or by phone at 765 935-3215.​​