Board Members

Community Christian School is a non-denominational, independent Christian school. As an independent school, CCS is neither governed by nor consistently funded by any church, denomination, or religious institution. Fiscal and policy-making authority is vested in the self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. Please see the Student Handbook for more information.

Duties of the Board of Directors

  1. The Board shall select and employ administrators, teachers, and other personnel as required to carry out the education programs and policies of the Corporation.

  2. The Board shall devise ways and means for obtaining the funds needed for the operation of the Corporation, determine how these funds should be distributed and disbursed, and monitor and prudently manage the finances of the Corporation.

  3. The Board shall promote the Corporation’s School and the cause of Christian education in the community.

  4. The Board shall establish and maintain proper relationships with local organized churches, para-church organizations, public school systems, government and regulatory bodies, accrediting associations, other Christian Schools and Christian School Associations, the community as a whole, and the news media.

  5. The Board shall meet regularly to conduct business; other meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by any three other members of the Board. A simple majority of its members shall constitute a quorum necessary to conduct official business. Unless otherwise specified in this constitution, any action by the Board shall result from an affirmative vote of the members present at the meeting.

  6. The Board shall serve as the final Board of Appeals in all misunderstandings or disputes involving the Corporation’s personnel or members. (See Good Report / Matthew 18).

  7. The Board shall serve as spiritual leaders of the Corporation, seeking and discerning God’s will, direction, and wisdom in conducting the affairs of the Corporation accordingly.

  8. The Board shall perform other duties and functions as required.

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

Leanne Backmeyer


LaDonna Dulemba


Michele Gething


Bill Kehlenbrink


David Norris