Orchestra Audition


1. Student will practice the following:

  • One Major scale
  • One minor scale
  • Excerpts
  • ***ONLY for CHAMBER Orchestra Concert Master position*** One prepared piece of your choice. It must be under 3 minutes.

2. Audition Dates and Sign-Up (Specific times can be found in the calendar section on the HOME page.)

  • For current THS students, auditions will be held Monday, May 13th through Sunday, May 19th. Please come see Ms. Choi to sign-up for an audition time by Friday, May 3rd. Auditions will be held at Tesoro HS.
  • Arroyo Vista MS auditions will be on Monday, May 20. Please see Mrs. Stevens to sign-up by Friday, May 3rd. Auditions will be held at Arroyo Vista MS.
  • Las Flores MS auditions will be on Wednesday, May 22. Please see Mr. Homma to sign-up by Friday, May 3rd. Auditions will be held at Las Flores MS.
  • Ladera Ranch MS auditions will be on Tuesday, May 21. Please see Mr. Vigus to sign-up by Friday, May 3rd. Auditions will be held at Ladera Ranch MS.
  • For new students please email Ms. Choi (yechoi@capousd.org) to sign-up an audition time. Auditions will be held at Tesoro High School Instrumental Room.

3. Live auditions ONLY.

4. Ms. Choi will audio record the students performance of the required scales and excerpts.

5. Student will NOT talk during the audio recording to make it an anonymous of their audition.

6. After performing the required scales & excerpts, there will be an 8 measure sight-reading.

7. Audition Music, Evaluation Rubric and an Example Audio Performance link is at the bottom of this page.

8. Bring the STUDENT INFORMATION page to your audition.

9. 2-4 adjudicators will judge the audio recordings. Below is an example grading system.

  • Evaluation Rubric = (12pts) scales + (100pts) excerpts + (8pts) sight-reading = (120pts) TOTAL
  • Judge #1 = 100 points
  • Judge #2 = 94 points
  • Judge #3 = 120 points
  • 100+94+120 = 314 / 3 = 105 points - final score for the student.

10. RESULTS will be posted in the THS Instrumental Room on Monday, June 3rd. Incoming 9th graders will be notified through their current MS teachers on June 3rd. New students may email Ms. Choi on Monday, June 3rd for results. **AFTER results are posted NO CHANGES will be made.**