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TReg Fall Schedule
  • It is our strict policy that members are required to attend ALL rehearsals and performances. Please do your best to schedule around these dates.

  • It is expected that students will not miss competitive performances for ANY reason!

  • Please make every effort to schedule your SAT, PSAT, PLAN, and ACT weekend testing dates on non-performance dates.

  • The SAT test dates that DO NOT conflict with our scheduled performance dates are: Aug. 27, and Oct. 1, 2022. There are additional dates in March, May and June.

  • Dates, events and times are subject to change.

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2022-2023 LEADERSHIP

Alden Waldeck and Aubrey Ruffridge, Drum MajorsKrish Mishra, Assistant Drum MajorCameron Precioso & Kiera Roach, Color Guard CaptainsBen Dressel, Drum CaptainJulianne Tenorio, Pit Captain
Section LeadersCarolyn He, FluteMadison Roth, ClarinetAmanda Wong, Alto SaxophoneAcey Evangelista, Tenor SaxophoneAaron Lee, TrumpetNick Strand, HornCarter Scott, BaritoneAmeer Hito, Tuba Band OfficersAubrey Ruffridge, PresidentAlden Waldeck, Vice PresidentMolly Ruffridge, SecretaryBraedan Yamaguchi and Alison Kellerman, Librarians Equipment Managers
Ann Cao, Chelsea Dadivas, Matthew McGill,
Miles Fryling, James Calligori, Justin Li
Uniform ManagersMegan Jackson, Laura Petty, Allison Lim,
Pureza Confesor, and Marshall Damm

Marching Band

Students must have concurrent enrollment in Concert Band/ Wind Ensemble and/or Orchestra This Marching Band, "Titan Regiment" course is open to any student with previous training on a wind or percussion instrument and also welcomes students without prior training who desire to learn a wind or percussion instrument. The Titan Regiment performs for home football games, weekend field show competitions, parades, and other community events throughout Southern California. Attendance at extra rehearsals and all performances is required. The Marching Band class fulfills Physical Education credit. Students that do not already play an instrument and wish to learn and participate with the Band, may be enrolled with Directors approval only.
TReg Enrollment Policy
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