Tesoro Bands

Concert Band - Wind Ensemble

Tesoro High School's Band program has an ensemble for every student's level of interest and experience.

Concert Band: This course is for the student who has attained intermediate proficiency on his/her instrument. Music of increasing difficulty is presented with instruction designed to increase the range, flexibility, endurance, tone quality, and artistic interpretation of the student. This group performs in school and public concerts. It is strongly advised that concert band members enroll in “Marching Band,” in which physical education credit is earned by the dual enrollment. Attendance at extra rehearsals and all performances is required. No audition is required for Concert Band.

Wind Ensemble: This is the most advanced of the ensembles and is designed for the student who is a highly competent performer. The student is challenged by a musical repertoire of the highest caliber, requiring a more sophisticated understanding of complex rhythms, all key signatures, musical terminology, ensemble skills, and extra effort on the part of the student. Wind Ensemble is a major performing ensemble, and participation in concerts, festivals, and assemblies is required. Members may also enroll in “Marching Band” as a separate period for physical education credit. Admission is by audition. Auditions are held in May for the following school year.