Drumline Fall 2019 Schedule

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Drumline Fall 2019

WHAT is Drumline?

Drumline is a combination of music, dance and theatrics, it is best described as a “sport of the arts”. Drumline is made up of two sections. The Battery and Front Ensemble "Pit". Battery is our drum section that marches with the winds on the field, the Front Ensemble or “Pit” percussion section performs on the front sideline. Competitions take place in high school gyms during winter months, where students are judged on both music and visual components. Each ensemble performs a series of songs (movements) focused on a central concept. Props, costumes, floor mat and music are all selected specifically for how they contribute to, and enhance, the selected theme. The elements come together to create an energetic, highly choreographed spectacle of sight and sound.

2019 -2020 Leadership

Nathan Yoshioka, Drum Captain

Yujin Lee, Pit Captain

Alexandria Wong, Pit Asst. Captain