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December 7, 2018

Well, this site itself is new-ish. It has slowly been coming together as a compendium of information about our Rolling DIY Makerspace. It was made public a couple of weeks ago, but there are sections that are still under construction.

Since September, we have been operating under the second year of our Rolling DIY grant. After assessing the successes and failures of the first year, we are focused on "bulking up" some labs and adding a couple of other labs for our second year. Here is the status of each lab from the first year...

  • 3D Printer Lab -- We are expanding the 3D Printer lab into a generic "3D Design" lab. In addition to our original two 3D printers, this lab now includes 10 3Doodlers (3D printing pens) and a 3D scanner. We are also looking into the possibility of adding a high-end graphics computer and virtual reality system. Patrons would be able to scan a figurine, edit the design, print it, and view it in a virtual world.
  • Digital Audio-Visual Lab -- The stop-motion animation kits will be increased from a class size of 6 to a class size of 10. A camera drone will also join this lab with another drone to follow it later. We are also looking into the possibility of adding more archiving equipment for 8 mm and Super-8 film reels as well as records and cassettes.
  • Electronics and Computer Coding Lab -- Our Turing Tumbles have finally arrived and will become part of the rotation in February. We are going to be significantly bulking up our the applied coding and robotics projects that we can support with the addition of several drones and robotics kits that can be programmed directly with computer code.
  • Graphic Design Lab -- We have a new heat press that is capable of pressing a design into a t-shirt, a hat, a dinner plate, or a mug. We are planning to buy a printer that is capable of printing onto heat transfer vinyl.
  • Life Skills Lab -- The projects for this lab had grown to a point where it was overwhelming for some libraries, so we have split this lab into two labs: a Paper Crafting lab and a Jewelry Crafting lab. We are adding some kits for bookbinding and leather crafting to the Paper Crafting lab. The number of kits in the Jewelry Crafting lab may be increased.
  • Large Printer Lab -- Nothing is changing with the Large Printer.
  • Laser Design Lab -- The laser system is now available for the rotation as long as the training policies are followed by the library receiving the system. We are considering sending a CNC router out with the laser system.
  • Sewing and Textiles Lab -- Nothing is planned at the moment, but we are looking at what we can order that could improve this lab.

We are also planning to expand into some new labs...

  • Woodworking Lab -- We have bought a couple of tools to support simple projects involving wood. We are still developing the projects that will guide us toward any further purchases.
  • Science and Engineering Lab -- We are planning to purchase several building kits that examine how simple mechanics are used in combination to build large machines. There may also be some kits for building specific things like trebuchet and a hydraulic arm.
  • Cooking Lab -- File this one under "it sounds good" and we are trying to develop the right projects that can focus on the "making" part of Makerspace.

Stay tuned to this site to find further updates.