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All BPS schools have now migrated to the new business process for managing Student Activity Accounts.

The City of Boston has created a dedicated Citizens Bank account for Student Activity Accounts, known as the "Agency Account." Participating schools will receive their own unique deposit slips to make deposits into the Agency Account. When funds are received for a student activity, schools should deposit the money at Citizens and submit a "revenue breakdown form." The deposited money will then be loaded in BAIS Financials (you can view this through a separate query) and available to be spent to operate student activities.

School Leaders are held responsible for the management of Student Activity Accounts, but may often delegate responsibilities to other school staff members. If this is the case for your school, it is imperative that those staff members attend a Financial Training in order to gain access to the BAIS Financial system. Upcoming trainings will be held on November 7th, December 5th, and January 9th. Staff interested in attending an upcoming training should submit this completed form to Dolores Sullivan.

Looking for a quick overview of the new business process? Watch this 7-minute video.

What counts as a "Student Activity?"

Student Activities are broadly defined to be:

          1. Co-curricular in nature
          2. Contingent on a fee or on external fundraising
          3. For the sole benefit of students

Boston Public Schools recognizes the following as student activities:

          1. Socials, for instance prom, class dances, ice cream/pizza party, end-of-year cookout, student celebrations
          2. Special events, for instance graduation, moving on celebrations, spelling bee, talent show, science fair, homecoming/pep rally
          3. Field trips, for instance transportation costs, entry/admission fees, snacks/lunches, class trips, senior trip
          4. Approved student clubs, for instance student council, debate club, foreign language club, marching band, yearbook, student alliances/associations
          5. Bookstore, only when the bookstore is run by students and proceeds will benefit students directly
          6. Athletics, only when funds are student-driven and proceeds will benefit students directly
          7. Miscellaneous activities

***Disclaimer: Funds assigned to the miscellaneous or SNDRY subaccount can only be used for the following items: photo day, Scholastic Book Fair, attendance incentives, MCAS snacks, student-driven charitable contributions, school spirit days and recess. In almost all cases, funds should be assigned to a specific grade level, rather than all grades. Funds for all other student activities need to be assigned to another appropriate Program.***

8. Bank Fees, fees for returned checks

How do I manage other funds, especially funds that benefit staff and parents?

Funds benefitting staff or parents CANNOT be deposited in the Student Activity Agency Account.

Staff may not establish accounts for their benefit, such as sunshine funds, under the City's tax ID number. Rather, staff must establish an independent bank account in their own name. Staff wishing to maintain an independent account are requested to submit Form B annually. Similarly, parent groups, such as Parent Councils, also may not establish accounts under the City's tax ID number. Parent groups can establish an independent account. Parent groups wishing to maintain an independent account are requested to submit Form B annually.

Other school-related activities or expenses should be paid for through the school's BPS budget.

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