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With what do we replace the traditional factory model structure of school?

The factory model of schooling in our country is proficient at one thing-- sorting students. Time-based, age-based, and course-based structures are just not compatible with the how students learn and inhibit educators attempts at creating new methods of personalization. It's not enough to criticize and work around traditional structures; We must replace them. The competency-based education movement seeks to replace the traditional factory model with a structure that is more equitable for all students. That is to say, at the heart of the CBE movement is equity.

Learning What Matters is our solution to this problem. The LWM competency-based framework was created through a partnership between Building 21 and the School District of Philadelphia. It is a structure that replaces time-based, age-based, and course-based structures with one that focuses on growth and readiness.


CBE.2 I can provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning through application-based assessments aligned to the continua.

CBE.3 I can provide students with regular feedback through a revision cycle while using the continua.

ADV.4 I can facilitate one on one meetings with students to ensure they develop and inform their personal learning pathway (PLP).

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By the end of this workshop, you will have the skills and understanding to begin to consider how you will change your practice to be more aligned with the CBE movement. Your task is to take this knowledge back to your campus and begin to dismantle the factory model structures.