"As a culture shaper, the physical environment is the "body language" of an organization, conveying its values and key messages even in the absence of its inhabitants."-Ron Ritchhart

  1. Displays in the room inspire learning in the subject area and connect students to the larger world of ideas by displaying positive messages about learning and thinking.
  2. I arrange the space of my classroom to facilitate thoughtful interactions, collaborations, and discussion.
  3. My wall displays have an ongoing, inchoate, and/or dialogic nature to them versus only static display of finished work.
  4. I use a variety of ways to document and capture thinking, including technology.
  5. A visitor would be able to discern what I care about and value when it comes to learning.
CoT: Environment

Ghost Walks

It is very difficult to think about the environment in isolation from all of the other cultural forces in action. Schools are very busy places with a constant hum of interactions and activity. One way to zero in on your environment as a culture shape is to participate in a Ghost Walk. An opportunity to observe the school without students and representing a still photo of the culture. This protocol is great for individual reflection, as a PLC, or even on PD days as a school.