Student leaders

Student Council

Our student council is comprised of 8-10 students, including a Head Boy and Head Girl. Students need to apply within the first two weeks of the school year, by filling in the form on this web page accompanied with a CV.

The Student Council will meet at least once a fortnight with the school Principal, or another school leader, as an advisor to guide the meeting process. It is the role of the Head Boy and/or Head Girl to chair each meeting.

Students are then selected through a school voting system:

    • year 5/6/7/8 - each student chooses five students - each vote worth 1 pt
    • teachers votes for each student worth 10 pts
    • principal's vote for each student worth 20 pts

When we are voting, some things we consider are:

  • leadership shown during time at school
  • year level
  • involvement in school activities
  • involvement in out of school activities
  • attitude towards learning
  • ability to work well with others
    • can share ideas
    • empathy towards others
    • works well in a team
    • consistently makes contribution to team goals
  • initiative shown to get work done or complete tasks

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding the make-up of our Council, and we acknowledge that some capable students may miss out, depending on the number of applicants. As a school, we will endeavour to ensure that all students will have opportunity to grow as leaders through classroom programs, sports, and other extra-curricular activities.

Timeline of selection

  1. End of W2 - CV's need to be handed to teacher
  2. W3 - speeches presented to senior school
  3. W3 - senior school vote on their top five candidates
  4. Thursday W3 - Councillors announced at end of the day to applicants
  5. Friday W3 - Councillors announced in assembly

Student Council duties

The student council has two main events to organise, and they run assemblies throughout the year. They are expected to liaise with the PTA when appropriate, and also to report to the BOT on the success of these events.

1 - School Disco (T3)

2 - Calf day activities (T4)

With the proceeds from these events, they then decide on what contribution they will make to the school using these funds.

As well as these two events, the Council also organises various fundraising activities for different charities throughout the year. These events have included

- Dress as a book character

- Cookies for Starship

- Wacky wig day

We aim for Councillors to organise at least one event each term.

Whanau Leaders

Whanau Leaders are selected with the Student Council. If a student wishes to specifically apply for a Whanau Leader position, they need to indicate this on their application.

We have four Whanau Leaders, one for each Whanau, who are responsible for collating Whanau points each week. Their other duty is to organise a Whanau day, usually in T4, where Whanau's wear their colours and compete against each other in a variety of games and challenges.

Student Council Application Pack