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Thank you for considering Auroa School as the school for you and your family. This page is set up to help you through the enrolment process. All of the forms that are attached to this page are all of the documents that we require from you if you are wanting to send your child to our school.

I love taking the time to meet new families to our school. If you are considering our school, then just call the school office on 06 2745629 and make an appointment. I am more than happy to meet with parents of children who have just turned 4 and walk them around the school. As you will read below, it is important that parents with pre school children let us know they are in our community. That last year at home will fly by!

Pre School children

It is crucial that you let the school know that you have a pre school child. Due to our enrolment scheme we like to know well in advance what children are going to come to our school as far out as 18 months. We also run the “Little Piri” programme for 4 year old children. If you do have a child that is 4 years old they maybe eligible to attend this programme.

On enrolment of 5 year old children we do require a copy of their birth certificate, plunket book and all of the forms to be filled in.

School age children

All these children are required to bring on enrolment is all of the school forms on this page and their plunket book to let the school know if your child has been immunised or not. If you are moving on the 1st of June, feel free to come and visit the school with your child before the changeover.

It is important to note that all our new students start school on the first day of the term. This means if your child turns five during the term, they will start school the following term, and not during. If you have any further questions regarding this, contact the school.


Auroa School is governed by an enrolment scheme or zone. The information below is here to help you to understand the rules and regulations and some misunderstandings that there are about the scheme. Please read this information carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

What is zoning?

Each enrolment scheme must contain a home zone with clearly defined boundaries. Students who live in the home zone have an absolute right to enrol at the school.

What if I live outside the home zone?

Out of zone students who apply for enrolment at the school must be accepted in the following order of priority:

  1. students accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school;

  2. brothers and sisters of current students;

  3. brothers and sisters of former students;

  4. children of former students;

  5. children of board employees or children of board members;

  6. all other students.

If there are more applicants in priority groups (b)-(e) than there are places available, selection within the priority group must be by ballot.

How do enrolment schemes work?

The Ministry has to agree that an enrolment scheme is necessary and has to approve the content of the scheme.

Each year the board must place a notice in a newspaper circulating in the area, stating:

  • how many out of zone places are likely to be available;

  • the date by which applications for out of zone places must be received;

  • the date(s) of any ballot(s) for out of zone places.

If the board receives fewer out of zone applications than there are places available, no ballot will be necessary and all applicants will be enrolled.

Some primary schools with enrolment schemes will advertise more than one ballot each year (perhaps one each term) for five year olds who are starting school.

How do you define “living in the home zone”?

This means that if you give an in-zone address when you apply for enrolment, the address must be your usual place of residence. If the school finds that you have given false information, the school may cancel your child’s enrolment.

What rights do I have if I am new to the area?

If you live in the home zone of a school with an enrolment scheme and you want to enrol your child at the school, the school must enrol your child. If you want to enrol your child at a school with an enrolment scheme but live outside the home zone, you will have to wait until the school organises a ballot before your application for enrolment can be considered.

What can I do if a school tells me that it is full and cannot enrol my child?

If the school does have an enrolment scheme, check to see whether you live in the home zone. You can request a copy of the enrolment scheme from the school (located below in the NAG 6 powerpoint under "enrolments). If you do not live in the school’s home zone, then there will be another school that is reasonably convenient to your home that your child could attend. Your child can then be put on a waiting list.

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