CGF Internship Credit

Please read the "Credit Overview" page to review credit options, pre-requisites, and course descriptions 

CGF Internship Credit Application Deadlines

Term                                                                                                   Application Deadline Date

Spring C  (Jan - May)                                                                 Due Jan 1

Summer C (May - July)                                                            Due May 10

Fall C (Aug – Dec)                                                                       Due Aug 1

Fall B (Oct - Dec)       Due Oct 1

CGF Internship Credit Application Materials

ALL 4 of the following items must be received in order to process registration for internship credit:

1. Internship Position Description: 

Must be official description from website or organization. Cannot be informally written by student. If you do not have a written position description, work with your supervisor to document responsibilities and expectations. Link to attached sample that can be used as a guide if needed. Provide as much detail as possible, as the description essentially acts as a syllabus for your internship experience.

2. Internship Credit Application Form:

This Google form collects basic information related to your internship, registration request, internship supervisor contact information, learning opportunities & outcomes.  Please complete this form with care and detail. We use it for tracking purposes and the information is needed to facilitate the Student Placement Agreement (below).

3. Internship Supervisor Agreement Form:

a. Complete the top part of this form and send to your internship supervisor to review and sign. The purpose is to confirm that the internship supervisor is aware you are registering for ASU credit for the internship experience, and that they  agree to the supervision expectations outlined in the form.  Submit the signed form to: 

b. Or, if you have an official letter of offer from your internship organization, you can submit that in place of the Internship Supervisor Agreement.

4.   Student Placement Agreement

The Student Placement Agreement needs to be signed by your internship organization. We will send this document to your internship supervisor once we receive the information above.

Specifically, please complete the Internship Credit Application form with care and complete details about your internship. This information is needed to send the Student Placement Agreement. This document is required in order for us to approve the internship for academic credit.

5. Request Credit Overload (if needed):

Undergrads: If registering in internship credit will put you over full time enrollment for the term, you must be cleared for a credit overload before you can register. Please look an your enrollment ahead of time and submit your request for a credit overload  to prevent delays in registration.

Contact CGF Internships with any questions: 

How to submit materials

Submit all materials by due dates listed above.