(Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) is an important grant used by Albany Senior High School to meet the identified learning needs of our senior students.

This is an excellent resource available for students to assist them in their career or subject choices.

The objectives of STAR are to:

  • provide flexible funding for courses which will better respond to students’ needs, motivate them to achieve, and facilitate their smooth transition to further education, training or employment
  • support students to explore career pathways and help them make informed decisions about their schooling and future work or study.

To learn more about this and to identify whether you may qualify for assistance, please make an appointment to see Craig Dyason.

STAR Short courses students have been involved in the past:

  • Yoobee design
  • Techtorium ICE Courses
  • Dance Workshops
  • Impact Projects
  • Audio Engineering
  • Photography and Design
  • Hairdressing
  • Make Up Design
  • Radio courses
  • And more.

Please note STAR Funding must be applied for and may not cover the whole cost of a course.

STAR Funding is NOT available to students wishing to undertake university papers while at school.

As the school covers the cost of these courses, students who incomplete or fail to attend these will be required to cover the cost invested.