PTE's (Primary Industries and Animals)

Primary Industries

Primary industries in New Zealand are a mix of businesses who produce, process and move goods around New Zealand and export to countries around the world. These exports earn billions of dollars each year.

People rely on primary industries and these industries are affected by some of the world's most pressing problems, such as:

  • biosecurity risks
  • animal welfare
  • food safety
  • and the effects of climate change.

People working in primary industries help feed, shelter, and clothe the world. Primary Industries have always been important to New Zealand. New Zealand's primary industries earn over $36 billion a year in exports.

Land Based Training Limited Land Based Training Limited is nationally accredited to teach New Zealand Qualifications Authority unit standards of learning in agriculture up to and including Level 5, a range of horticultural units and also sub-fields in Civil Plant Operation and Management, Civil Works and Services, Highway Construction and Maintenance and Occupational Health and Safety, Road Transport, Forestry and Residential Property Maintenance

Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre Taratahi offers full-time courses, diploma programmes, short courses and an Agriculture in Schools programme which includes Primary Industries Trades Academy, STAR and extra mural study.

We have a residential campus near Masterton in Wairarapa, with non-residential campuses in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Manawatu, Hawke's Bay and Southland.

Animal Care

Concern for animal care and wellbeing has existed since domestication, which occurred at least 10,000 years ago in Neolithic times. Our appreciation and respect for animals led to their domestication, animal agriculture and animal husbandry, the branch of agriculture that deals with the care and breeding of animals. Many historians consider the development of agriculture to be the most important event in all of human history.

Vet Nurse Plus Limited Vet Nurse Plus is a private training establishment that has one focus - training veterinary nurses. We aim to provide outstanding veterinary nurse graduates to the veterinary industry, who can hit the ground running upon employment. First launched in 2005, programmes are highly practical and graduate outcome-based, incorporating feedback and input from the industry that employs our students.