Application and Interview Process

Gateway is an Impact Project at Albany Senior High School. This means any student can apply for a position on the programme. However being placed on Gateway is not a guarantee, and there are a number of factors that are taken into consideration before we place a student.

* Availability of placements (especially in high interest industries).

* Ability to find a placement in your related industry. Industries such as Medical, Accountancy, Psychology based, or Law are unlikely to be successful.

* Suitability of work industry to Gateway and to a School Student.

* Age restrictions on entry into chosen industries.

* Repeat Gateway placements in consecutive semesters.

* Gateway placements based 'at home' or with parents. (Parent's are unable to sign off work based standards, there must be an independent supervisor at the placement)

* Availability of alternate programmes (Such as STAR Courses etc)

While we have very good relationships with employers, it is not an exhaustive list. Gateway relies on our ability to place you, so if you have your own contacts, we would recommend exploring a placement with them first.

Application Process

Gateway is a work experience programme, as such we want to give you the opportunity to show your initiative, and your ability to step up to show your responsibility.

Sign up sheets for Gateway are placed on the Student Services noticeboard at the start of Term One, and about three weeks before the start of Semester Two. You need to choose an interview time that suits you and remember your time. You will not be reminded.

If you are unable to attend any of the interview slots for Gateway, you will need to speak with Jo Hakaria our Gateway Co-Ordinator, or email her on


Interviews for Gateway are around 10 minutes long. Please think carefully about what it is you are wanting to do and why you wish to explore that particular industry.

Please come prepared for your interview, think about your skills, about what you can offer an employer. The most common reason students are declined a placement is because they attend an interview without clearly thinking through what it is they want out of a placement.

As this is a job interview, we also want you to treat this as such. Have a look at the 'How to get Your Dream Job' section (under Career Advice) for advice on interviews, to see what we would expect in the way you talk, and in the way you sit. These are things that make a difference and can have a bearing on your success into the programme.


After the interviews are complete, you will find out whether you are successful or not to secure a place on the programme. This usually occurs within a week of interviews finishing. There are two types of acceptance:

  • Accepted: This means that we have confirmed your placement and you will start as soon as you have completed the pre-Gateway programme.
  • Provisional: This means you are accepted onto the programme pending confirmation of a placement. This could either be we are just waiting to hear back from an employer, or we are sourcing a placement for you. You will complete the three week pre-Gateway programme, gaining the skills and credits from this course, however if we are unable to source a placement for you, you will need to have a back up Impact Project ready to enter into.

  • Declined: This means we do not have a placement, or are very unlikely to find a placement for the industry you are interested in. Students who receive this outcome can still be a part of the programme if they are able to source their own placement and they meet the guidelines of what an appropriate placement is (see the considerations at the top of this page).

Any outcome can be discussed with either Jo or Craig.