Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

At this stage we have no defensive driving courses to be run at Albany Senior High School for 2019.

Shore2Pass, AA and Takapuna Defensive Driving School still run courses in other locations. For more information, contact them direct, either online or by phone.

Shore2Pass: Bronwyn Hool: 09 448 2709, 0274 731436 or

AA Defensive Driving: 0800 223 748, or

Takapuna Driving School: Colin and Bev Johnston: 09 476 3603, 027 494 5794, or

We at Albany Senior High School encourage safety for all of our students whether they are on their Learners or Restricted Licences, therefore we encourage you to book a Defensive Driving course using a registered defensive driving school.

The following information is found on

Why attend a defensive driving course?

Sure, you can drive yourself on a restricted licence – but only at certain times or with an experienced driver. You can’t take younger brothers and sisters, or your friends, anywhere.

You can’t be on the road between 10pm and 5am without risking fines, demerit points or being uninsured if something happens.

It’s for your own safety, but wouldn’t it be great to slash 6 months off this time? Students who attend a defensive driving course are 10% more likely to pass their driving test the first time.

Learner licence holders -

Doing the course while you have your learner licence will help you pass your restricted licence test as it includes a one hour in-car session and develops your driving skills - students who have attended a DDC are more likely to pass their restricted test on their first try. You’ll be able to attend a defensive driving course once you’ve had your learner licence and have had some driving experience.

If you complete a DDC while on your learner or restricted licence, this will enable you to reduce the time you're required to spend on your restricted licence by 6 months.

Restricted licence holders -

Students who have attended a DDC are 10% more likely to pass their full licence test on the first try. Attending also reduces the time you’ll spend on your restricted licence by 6 months - if you're over 25 the time on your restricted licence reduces from 6 months to 3 months.

The AA Drivers Education Foundation supports a wonderful resource called eDrive. This is an online resource for parents or driver supervisors, and new drivers (whether you be a Learner or Restricted). This interactive, comprehensive driver training system is a fun, modern way to learn those skills you need to be better safer drivers.

Using eDrive does NOT replace the 'Defensive Driving Course' mentioned opposite, and should you decide to try it, there is an online fee to be paid to AA.

This resource offers you a wonderful opportunity to be a better driver.