Pre Gateway Courses

At Albany Senior High School, we adhere to the Health and Safety Act 2015, and the Vulnerable Children's Act 2014. To assist students preparing for a placement in the workforce, we require students completing Gateway and other structured Impact Projects to have the skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible members of the workforce.

To meet these obligations students complete up to three Pre-Gateway courses in preparation for their placement/project. These include:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace Training
  • Work based assessments complete throughout the duration of the placement and at school.

These courses are compulsory and for all students completing the Gateway programme (unless a specific placement covers these requirements as part of their programme)

Students will receive certificates which can be used in their CV's, as well as credits towards NCEA Level 1 and 2.

Customer Service Training - Great Success

Presentation is everything and Great Success makes sure the time spent with groups is special. The workshops are realistic and practical with programmes that can be customised to suit your school’s individual circumstances. Rest assured, Great Success programmes are like no other.

  • All workshops are fun, informative and very practical
  • Students enjoy the wide variety of teaching techniques used to enhance learning
  • Work skills taught are realistic in the workplace today
  • Students enjoy success

Standards Covered:

  • US56 Attend to customer enquiries face to face and on the telephone
  • US57 Provide customer service
  • US62 Maintain personal presentation and positive attitude in the workplace

Health and Safety in the Workplace Training - Safety 'n Action

Safety ‘n Action are New Zealand’s leading experts in Health and Safety training. Our courses run every day throughout the entire country from Invercargill all the way through to Kaitaia.

Our schools Health and Safety programme is based on the same principles as we train in industry, Relevant, Practical and Fun.

As a market leader in Health and Safety training we have long held the belief that if we are going to change New Zealand’s appalling workplace death and injury statistics, we need to train our youth as they begin their journey into the workforce. Training with Safety ‘n Action helps build a stronger health and safety culture into your students and gives them REAL experience out in the field.

Standards Covered:

  • US497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
  • US17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace

Workplace Assessments - Gateway Workbook

It is a requirement from the Tertiary Education Commission that every learner on Gateway presents with 20 credits on the National Qualifications Framework. As Gateway is a funded resource for the school, we have created opportunities through Pre-Gateway training and through Gateway workbooks to meet our requirements.

The workbook workshop is compulsory and students must complete this training before going on placement. Students may be removed from the programme should they not meet their obligations in this regard.

Follow the links to see the information regarding standards for Gateway at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Further Courses and Training

Some workplaces and some industries may require students to undertake further training for their placement (for example a Site Safe course for those looking at building). The cost of these courses will be met by the school.

For those students looking at industry based Gateway placements, unless there is good reason to be placed on such programmes (such as the MITO programme), students will complete the school based workbook as the assessment method for their workplace. Feel free to discuss this with Jo or Craig.