CV's and Job Seeking

Why have a CV?

Your CV is the first chance you get to make a good impression on a potential employer. A top-quality CV will considerably boost your chance of getting a face-to-face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation. It will make all the difference in obtaining the position you want. You must therefore highlight your skills, expertise and value.

Curriculum Vitae

What is a CV or curriculum vitae? Well, think of it as a marketing tool. With your CV you will be able to promote yourself.

Imagine the CV as being a brochure that will list the benefits of YOU! Your experience, attitude and skills!

When writing a CV look at it from your employers point of view. Would you stand out against the competition (the other candidates) and would the manager want to talk to you for a possible job?

You have to ask yourself these questions when writing your CV or curriculum vitae.

Of course networking and interviewing are essential for your job hunt and your CV is just the first step in the job search.

However, a great CV will open the door to your first contact with potential employers.You need to advertise yourself on the CV to show them why you would be great for the advertised position.

If you are then invited for an interview, you would be in a position to explain and expand on what is in your CV and how you will be an asset to their company.

Layout and Length

So as a college leaver, you need to have a CV that you can send prospective employers.

Some employers will want you to send them a hard-copy CV (one that is laid out in paper). Others ask you to send in your CV online.

So, you’ll need to have a CV that you can send as an attachment. Both will need to follow the same layout and length.

Presentation goes a long way to impressing the reader. And for good reasons, because if you’ve taken care on the look and layout of your CV, then it shows you care. If it looks sloppy and has spelling mistakes, then why should an employer take you seriously? So, even if you don’t have lots of experience, there’s no reason why your CV can’t look smart.

Careers NZ also have lots of information and tips about writing a CV as well as templates should you wish to use them.

Most school students won't have heaps of job experience so a good template to use is a Skills Based template. You can look at examples and download a blank template for you to complete here.

There is also a very informative video - 'What to include in your CV and how to write it'

Cover Letters

You should always include a cover letter when sending your CV out to employers.

A good cover letter will make an employer interested enough to read your application thoroughly, and call you for an interview.

The letter should give an employer an idea of who you are, and explain what skills you could bring to the job.

It is really important to tailor your cover letters so they relate specifically to each job application.

Here is an example of a cover letter, and you can download a template here: