History Archive

The Ashoka History Archive is an attempt to archive our, the department and the history program's present. Conceptualized by several students across batches, but most notably by Pratiti (UG 20, ASP 21) and Isha Pareek (UG 21), the Archive is a project that aims to archive what our Department, our students and our society have been doing since the beginning of Ashoka University. As students of History, we believe that there should be an archive for a future generation of students in the university. For us, it is an attempt to preserve the History of Ashoka University. We want it to serve as a keeper of history and aim to preserve the present for the future.

The Ashoka History Archive showcases all information regarding the History Society and the History Department of Ashoka University. You can find information under the following categories.

  1. Faculty Profile

  2. Course Catalogue

  3. History Seminars

  4. Student Research

  5. Workshop and Conferences

  6. Leadership

  7. Memory Museum

  8. Heritage Walks

Please find the History Handbook here. You can write to us at historysociety@ashoka.edu.in.

Picture Courtesy: Revanth Ukkalam, Undergraduate Batch of 2020; Ashoka Scholars Program Batch of 2021

Bidar Fort: Bidar Fort was built on the Deccan Plateau during the early years of the Bahmani Sultanate but became the capital (replacing Gulbarga) only in 1427 under Sultan Ahmad Shah Wali. Bidar was also one of the first locations in South India to be struck by Aurangzeb attacks. In Bidar fort we see a distinct Deccani Indo-Islamic style of architecture with conscious blending of Persian and Central Asian art.