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Welcome Parents of East High Runners

There are lots of ways parents can assist kids and coaches on the running team.  Parents can add to the fun for kids and relieve some pressure from coaches, so that we can have more varied practices and happy kids.  I will post a growing brainstorm below. If any are unclear feel free to contact a coach.  

Parents please fill out  a form here to help us reach you as needed. 

Sign up genius is  here to bring supplies to the races. Please look through it and sign up if you can. 

1. Make sure your student is registered and eligible, including a physical on file with ASD from the most recent 18 months. 

2. Make sure your student can get to practices and the bus for travel days and races. Here is the schedule

3. Join the remind app (phone number or email works) and/or East XC facebook page for announcements, changes to the schedule, and sharing photos of the kids. If you want the remind to come via email, not text, then email me and I will invite you. To get short text reminders instructions are here

4. Come to the races and cheer for all the kids, but be especially loud for East runners. Do give your teenager ample space around their peers (don't hover over your kid 100% of the time when they are with friends), but it is OK to hang out with the East group and certainly cheer loudest for yours. 

5. Donate food or snacks (fruit, granola bars...) for practices or races.

6. In 2022 we are going to try to have a sandwich bar for the kids at the races (not the first race though). We will organize this at the parent meeting listed on the schedule and whether you can be there or not, you can signup to donate food/supplies via signupgenius. (link soon) Donna Mears, Nathan Rehberg's mom, organized this previously. However, she might be too busy this fall. 

7. Help carpool kids to practices when ASD won't supply a bus (like to Stuckagain Heights to hike up Nearpoint). 

8. Make sure your student has good running shoes, shorts, tights/leggings, or non-cotton sweatpants, and either a watch or a cell phone and cell phone holder for running (about $10-20). Knowing when to turn around on a run can be a safety issue. If you can't afford these items coaches can help. I usually have 4-5 extra cell phone holders at practice. Skinny Raven gives high school runners a 20% discount in July 31 (Spike Day), just tell them you are on a high school XC team and ask for the discount.  See our Gear Info Page. 

9. Help host team parties after races, as coaches and captains decide to have them. 

10. Help organize or provide food for end of season awards banquet. 

11. Let a coach know if your student is undergoing serious, academic, emotional, or physical (illness or injury) stress. We don't want to add stress to their lives. We run to reduce stress and improve health. 

12.  Help with our fund raisers each year: one is a feed station at the Mayor's Marathon in June, and sometimes we have done other opportunities. 

13. Donate $$ to the East XC booster club. Checks can be made to the East High XC running booster club. Our current treasurer is Lance Howe, who has kids on the team.  This money gets used for uniforms, shirts, food, travel, spikes, equipment for disadvantaged students, or awards for kids. 

14. Contact the coaches if you have any questions. 

15. Help recruit incoming 8th graders to our team. 

16. Make sure team uniforms are washed (cold) and drip dried (no dryer) and returned at end of season. This is for the red gear. 

Team Gear/Swag: Blue long sleeve shirts are given out after a student runs a race for East High. Red team jackets, shorts, and racing tops are loaned out for the season to all athletes for races, and must be returned. Wash in cold water and hang to dry...dryers ruin the prints.  Below is materials that can be purchased. For a mask pay Gary Snyder or you can venmo his wife (heather-ireland-8). For the white shirts (see below) pay the East High Booster Club or cash to coaches which they will collect for the booster club. BTW both of these sales are at a slight loss, no one is making money on them. Hopefully when we have fundraisers all kids participate. That is how we get swag. The East Activities office usually sells a lot of East gear too. Team socks should be available in 2022 for $15-20, they have not arrived yet though. TBA for socks.