Great Articles for Athletes

Here is a collection of articles and videos for athletes. If you have a recommended one to add, tell a coach. I know there are hundreds...

Sleep for Athletes, with Kikkan Randall

Breaking the Silence, with Holly Brooks RED-S Project website

Nordic Insights (news about XC skiing)

The Rexproject, with Emma Tarbath about recognizing abuse in athletic relationships

80/20 Rule, polarized training (keep easy days easy), Dr. Stephen Seilers

Nordic Ski Lab: Lots of technique tips from Canadien skiers

2018 Olympic Women's team sprint (best nordic race ever!)

One pole skate drill , with Andrew Newell

Ways to slow down on rollerskis, Nordic Team Solutions

3 basic skate techniques, Missoula Nordic

Masters of Classic skiing, best 5 men

Why to keep skiing in April, Crust ski with Eric Packer

Downhill skiing break from nordic, Candide Thovex

Pre-Race Anxiety? Watch this video.

Modern Training Article, by Jim Galanes

Running Recovery,  by Jake Abdinoor

An Eating Disorder  Nearly Ruined My Career. I Am Not Alone. by Allie Ostrander

Rest days by Coach Holly from the Run Experience

You Are Training Too Hard And Will Never Reach Your Full Potential by Team Aker Daehlie (Norway)

NY Times Many Women Are Iron Deficient and NY Times Iron Deficiency Treatment

Courtney Dauwalter: Best ultra-marathoner ever (beats the men) from BBC

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