East XC

Running and Nordic Skiing

June 18th Mayor's Marathon. We run a feed station for a XC running team fundraiser. We will need people to man the station from between about 8:30 am and 1:00. We can do shifts, but most will be needed between ~9-11. Last year we were near the Native Hospital, and hopefully will be again. If you are in town please consider helping. More details to come.

Seniors (next year's) start signing up April 7-12, Juniors April 14-16, Sophomores April 18-20, Incoming Freshmen after April 25. This helps me from getting slammed let's me see how it is going before opening to more kids. As of 5/2/22 Hope Camp is full for this year. Petition for an extra spot or plan your own accommodations to tag along on some workouts.

If you want to order a copy of our team photo they may be placed at mylifetouch.com or by paper order form/flyer I should have soon. The picture day ID is EVTJWBB8D BTW as of 4/7 I haven't seen this photo yet...