East XC

Running and Nordic Skiing

Next race Dec 11, Kincaid Park! To get on our parent email list look at the parent page. Here is the signup link to help support the kids at the race.

Bring to race: Skis, boots, poles, gloves, hat, buff, face mask, race suit, wool socks, warm ups, extra warm layer to wear while not warming up, water bottle, insulated underwear, dry shirt, dry socks for after race.

At practice be ready for indoor and outdoor workouts every day. I recommend storing running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt in the ski room.

New remind for ski team. To join text 81010 with the message "@tbirdsski" (note s twice). If there is a cancellation then this is where I will announce it. ASD cancels races if the course is colder than -4 degrees F.

On Nov 22 many team members did a short timed lap on Goose Lake, just to see where we all stood. Many beginners and a few missing and injured skiers did not participate, so this is not the whole team, but those who could be present and chose to ski it. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the whole team, and especially impressed with the improvement some of the back-of-the-pack skiers in this group have made in the last year. We have a long season ahead, so don't put too much stock in this. However, results are below.